Our New Gathering Space..

Warm & Spacious For Any Size Group
Warm & Spacious For Any Size Group

Our Building With The New Driveways and Ramp...

The entire facility, even during our renovation, is kept clean and presentable at all times so we can serve any person at any time with selfless service that is the hallmark of our funeral ministry.
The entire facility, even during our renovation, is kept clean and presentable at all times so we can serve any person at any time with selfless service that is the hallmark of our funeral ministry.

Thank you for visiting the Wright & Ford Family Funeral Home and Cremation Services website. A proud family owned and operated funeral home, we have been serving Hunterdon County and the surrounding communities since 1958.

In early 2015, a transition plan of the business was enacted whereupon Daniel James "D.J." Wright, a thirteen year Flemington area Funeral Director and his family, took over the ownership and daily operations of the firm. Robert L. Ford II continues to serve as a Licensed Funeral Director and is available to the many families served by him and his father throughout the decades.

Please know that you will be served by us directly at all times. We feel continuity from the moment we are notified is extremely important. We also are willing to come to your home or another place of comfort to make whatever arrangements you feel are appropriate. This includes pre-need as well as at-need care.

An extensive renovation to both the interior and exterior of the building has begun with the transition in the beginning of February. Know that we will be FULLY OPERATIONAL during this time period as the renovations and construction are being done in several phases as we continue to serve our families with the utmost dignity and respect so no services are adversely affected.

Part of our mission is to treat the living as well as the deceased. Both psychologically and physically, a death can leave survivors with a multitude of issues. From assisting with the actual funeral and memorial celebration itself, Wright & Ford aims to assist with all areas surrounding a death. From social security to military benefits to pet therapy to offering a free Reiki session to immediate family members, we are here to assist with all needs of both the living and the deceased.

Among the many physical plant changes will be the addition of a new handicapped accessible compliant ramp, enlarging and adding visitation rooms/chapels, adding new accessible restrooms, creating a new arrangement conference room and family/clergy room, all new decor throughout the building, installing a top level video and sound system, building a brand new, state-of-the-art clinical care embalming suite and adding facilities to enable us to have, if families wish, a therapy dog present during visitations as well as a Reiki room if families wish to utilize that service.

We are also adding an entire new area with caskets and vaults for burial and mausoleum entombment, as well as a cremation room with products specifically designed for cremation. A room for traditional all-wood construction products designed for those of the Jewish faith will be added as well as products designed for ALL other religions; from Buddhism to Hinduism to those of the Muslim faith as well as "green" services. Again, we are proud to serve ALL peoples.

Please use the tab to the left marked "Renovations" to see our progress (hover over the "renovations" tab and click on a day to see that specifics days progress).

This new version of our website is meant to compliment our motto of "Traditional Values, Modern Concepts, Golden Rule Service." We will be consistently updating information that we hope will be useful to you before, during and after a death has occurred.

Please know that we are available at 908.782.3311 twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year.


Daniel James "D.J." Wright
Owner & Executive Director
N.J. Lic. No. 4537

Robert L. Ford II
Licensed Funeral Director
N.J. Lic. No. 3578

Address: 38 State Highway 31, Flemington, NJ 08822

Proud to Serve ALL Faiths and ALL Peoples

D.J. & Bob
D.J. & Bob

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